The Path of Most Resistance


Truly, I’m unmotivated to make this anything really worth anyone’s time. Really I’m starting a blog because I got dumped by a boyfriend, AGAIN. So starting a blog of course seems like the most rational thing to do; I mean of course it is. With all of the useless information in the world, I don’t pretend to believe my exclamation of useless information holds much weight in the world; but while I’m alive and here I figure why shouldn’t my thoughts and existence be documented and lost in the sea of history?

I’m not certain who made us all believe that only useful things matter. I feel as though if that were the case most of what I’m recognized for in life would be null and void. So I embark on this in full knowledge that it is unimportant, while still holding onto the idea that in some way for myself it still matters.

But just like with the failed boyfriends, I seem to prefer the path of most resistance; so this could simply be another train-wreck.


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